Energy Container

Power your cottage, farm, camp, or irrigation system with an uninterrupted power supply.

Off-Grid Hybrid Containers

Power your cottage, farm, camp, or irrigation system with an uninterrupted power supply

For settlements, villages, agricultural enterprises or research stations in remote areas, an uninterruptible power supply is possible with the Intech Energy Container. Optionally, the Plug & Play system can be combined with a drinking water treatment plant.

Each energy container is equipped with a battery bank with a back-up/emergency power generator. Thanks to the remote access, all operationally relevant parameters can be read out via GSM and any measures such as maintenance or tank filling can be organized.

Our energy containers are supplied fully wired and parameterized to ensure fast and cost-effective installation. Only the photovoltaic system needs to be installed on site and connected to the container. This can be designed as a ground mounted system with or without sun tracking or as a rooftop system.


Product comparison

This section gives an overview of the range of installations we can deliver. Please note that Intech offers tailor-made solutions adapted to any power needs.

PV Solar Array
Power use
Battery Inverter
Lithium Battery Storage
Back-up Genset


10 kW
Single phase
6 kW
24 kWh
6,8 kVA


30 kW
18 kW
48 kWh
20 kVA


100 kW
54 kW
240 kWh
70 kVA


Warranty & Lifecycle

Inverter & Battery installed in 20’ Container
(except EC100 in 40' Container)
PV solar panels mounted on the ground, roof or the container

Panels - 25 years power output warranty
Inverters- 5 years product warranty
Batterie - 10 years expected cycle lifetime at max. 80% DoD